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Ten Weeks of Dukan August 24, 2011

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12 lbs lost, so I am at 200. Sadly, I’ve been plateaued and then up and then down again since week 5. I blame my vacation a little, and being a little too relaxed. And not exercising enough. I’m participating in a friendly wager weight loss competition, so I am back on the Dukan wagon!

Here is my recipe for the Dukan Pancake that I eat every morning:

1 egg
2 tablespoons of oat bran
1 tablespoon (Trader Joe’s Pumpkin) pancake mix
1 tablespoon 100% Whey Protein
1 tablespoon fat free plain yogurt (greek or regular) or 2% milk or buttermilk
2 splendas
1/4 tablespoon pumpkin pie spice mix

Mix to pancake consistency. Spray small non-stick frying pan with cooking spray. Pour mixture and cook on one side for about a minute and a half. Other side for about a minute. Voila.

This pancake along with two cups of coffee, keeps me full until about 11 or 11:30, and is pretty yummy. Don’t leave out the pancake mix. Even if its not on Dukan, without it, the pancake is nearly inedible. I use the Trader Joe’s mix because that’s what I have, but any mix should do just fine. Cottage cheese works in place of the yogurt, but the curds don’t mix in all the way, so you get cheesy places that remind me of pizza. Protein powder was my idea too and doesn’t need to be there. I tried a savory pancake with turkey, broccoli and cheese…I didn’t care for it, so I won’t be posting the recipe.

Post-mortem on my solo trip with two kids and no checked-in luggage to come!


Two Weeks of Dukan and Kid Checkups June 29, 2011

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It’s official. I am a Dukan Diet Convert. This week’s weigh in? 205.8


I am now at pre-(this past)-pregnancy weight.  Well, at least according to the doctor’s office. They recorded my pre-pregnancy weight as 206. Next stop, waving a (not at all) fond farewell to the 200’s. Then, working on pre-(my daughter’s)-pregnancy weight. That was 168.


Next topic: My kids doctors’ visits. My daughter at 3 years weighs 31 pounds. My son at 4 months weighs 16. Let it sink in…Yes, 16 pounds. I’m almost scared of how much he’ll weigh at 6 months, but suffice to say that as soon as he’s mobile, he’ll be able to sit on his sister. I love it! Not only because I know he’s healthy, but because we have been exclusively breastfeeding from the start. No formula. No solids. Nothing but my milk. That isn’t me bragging, mind you. Just proud of how well we’re doing.


And can I say how much I love our Family Doctor? When my daughter went for her 4 month visit, her pediatrician handed me a pile of feeding information. I told him that we weren’t planning on feeding her until she was 6 months old. He said “We have to give this out, because people are going to do it anyway and we need to be sure they have the info.” That was really strike one for that doc’s office, but I figured it was inconsequential at the time. In hindsight, it should have sent me away faster than when we actually left that office. Anyhoo, this doc not only didn’t even ask me what formula he was on (something the other doc’s office could never get right no matter how many times I told them “NO, my child is not on formula, thank you”), she didn’t tell me I could start feeding him solids. Not a peep. She did counsel us on our dairy-disliking 3 year old, so it isn’t as if she didn’t have an interest. It was that she saw him and didn’t even think to ask because she knew we knew what the ready signs were and that he didn’t have them yet.


Where is he right now? Well, he can sit in a Bumbo, and can sit in the high chair pretty well. He rolls like a champ, and scoots around by pushing himself forward with his legs. But he can’t sit on his own, and he still has his tongue thrust. Which means everything that I could coax in (because he hasn’t shown much interest in our food) would come right back out. My daughter was ready around 5.5 months, and had sweet potatoes as a first food. It was hilarious and fun. I expect the same for my son, except he might get carrots or bananas. I’m still deciding on what. What? No rice cereal or cereal in general? Nope. I think the stuff is gross, so if I’m not going to eat it, I’m not going to make my kids eat it. Plus I’ve pretty much come around to the idea that we’ll be baby-led weaning again. No jarred stuff, no slaving over a stove and the freezer making my own. Just fresh fruits and veggies prepared so that he can pick it up and play with it or eat it. I’m pretty excited.


Still working on my packing list for the August trip. Definitely sure that I will not do anything but gate-check the carseats. So, will need to figure out how to get everything through, including the umbrella stroller.


One Week of Dukan June 18, 2011

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The good news is that because I am nursing, I do not have to start out with the “Attack Phase” of  the Dukan diet, or even the “Cruise Phase”. I am getting to start out at the “Consolidation Phase”. This phase of the Dukan diet specifies the following:

  • All foods allowed in the Attack Phase
  • All vegetables allowed in the Cruise Phase
  • 1.5oz of cheese
  • 1 serving of fruit
  • 2 servings of whole grain bread
  • 2 “celebration” meals a week
  • 1 Pure Protein day a week
  • 1.5ltrs of water a day (equivalent – 51oz)

My daughter’s birthday was last weekend, so I started out a little higher than I wanted to.


Monday Morning: 212.0

Breakfast: 4oz Fat Free greek yogurt, 2 splendas, 1 tbsn oat bran, 2 eggs with 1/8c. shredded cheese, 2oz 2% milk, Coffee with 4 splendas and 2oz 2% milk
Snacks (2x a day – @ 10am and 3pm): 1/2 tuna sandwich on double fiber bread, made with mayo with a 1/2 slice of provolone, 1/2 snack tub sweet gherkins & 1/2 apple
Lunch (@ noon) – Indian inspired Chicken breast – chicken made with many spices, a few red onion slices, light coconut milk, tomato paste and fat free greek yogurt
Dinner: LARGE salad with grilled chicken, strawberries & ranch dressing
After Dinner: Small sliver of chocolate cake
Water intake: 128oz

Breakfast: 4oz Fat Free greek yogurt, 2 splendas, 1 tbsn oat bran, 2 eggs & a breakfast sausage link, 2oz 2% milk, Coffee with 4 splendas and 2oz 2% milk
Lunch – Indian inspired Chicken breast – chicken made with many spices, a few red onion slices, light coconut milk, tomato paste and fat free greek yogurt
Snack:  tuna sandwich on double fiber bread, made with mayo with a slice of provolone & an apple
Dinner: 2 glasses chardonnay, large chicken breast, broccoli and a small sliver of chocolate cake
Water intake: 128oz

Breakfast:  smoked sausage link + 1 piece of double fiber bread, Coffee with 4 splendas and 2oz 2% milk
Lunch: Salad + meat chili w/1/8c. shredded cheese
Snacks: 6oz Fat Free greek yogurt, 2 splendas, 2 tbsn oat bran, Bowl of watermelon
Dinner: “Celebration Meal”  – tortilla chips + rotel dip, 1 beer, chocolate cake
Water intake: 128oz

Thursday (Pure Protein Day):
Breakfast: 2 eggs & a smoked sausage link, one slice of double fiber bread, two LARGE cups of coffee + splenda & 2% milk
Lunch:  1 can of chicken breast mixed w/mayo and curry paste
Snack: Cottage cheese
Dinner: Large hamburger patty, w/mushrooms & onions, a beer and a sliver of chocolate cake
Water intake: 128oz

Breakfast: 2 slices of double fiber bread, two slices of turkey, 1 slice of cheese, Coffee with 4 splendas and 2oz 2% milk
Lunch: Indian inspired Chicken breast – chicken made with many spices, a few red onion slices, light coconut milk, tomato paste and fat free greek yogurt
Snack: Cottage Cheese
Dinner: “Celebration Meal” Beef fried rice with one sushi roll and a Wedding Cake Concrete (Frozen Custard with a whole slice of Wedding Cake as a mix-in)
Water intake: 128oz

Breakfast: 2 LARGE cups of coffee w/splenda and 2% milk
Lunch: 2 slices double fiber bread, 2 slices turkey breast, 1 slice swiss cheese w/lettuce & mustard and 1 small peach
Dinner: Beef Roast “Sinigang” – made with tamarind soup base, carrots, celery, onion, rice vinegar, soy marinade and a little hot sauce. I might have a salad with it as well.

Exercise this week:
Monday – 1 hour walking around Target
Wednesday – 1 hour walking around Costco
Saturday – 45 minutes walking in the pool and 45 minutes walking around Whole Foods

I won’t be doing the food log every week, and I REALLY wanted to share my weigh in this morning. 207.4

Four and a half pounds. And I broke through where I’d been stalled. And I’d been cheating the whole time. Makes me wonder how well I’d do if I stuck closer to it all. I’ll continue to post weight updates. I’m excited that my goals seem to finally be in sight.


A new diet idea and a trip plan June 8, 2011

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So, today I discovered a “new” diet called the Dukan Diet. Its very Atkins-esque, but seems to have a very good idea of teaching someone how to maintain the weight they’ve lost. It also isn’t strict in some respects like Atkins is in that low-fat liquid dairy isn’t out, and neither are diet soft drinks – both of which were kinda killer for me when I tried Atkins years ago. It also promotes natural, whole, real food as opposed to over-processed food. And there is no counting of anything – fat grams, net carbs, calories. Seems pretty straight forward too. Granted, I am NOT a “diet” person. I don’t do well on “diets”. But this seems like a real “eating plan” and since my weight has now stalled out at 209, which is 4 pounds over where I was pre (this) pregnancy, but nowhere near my goal, I need a kick start.


This diet originated in France, and some of the recipes and food suggestions are pretty funky (what is Quark???). But according to the US adaptation if I start today, I should hit my goal weight by December (!) but I will be considered still in “maintenance” through August of next year. I’m ok with all of the foods recommended that I can recognize – which is about 90% of them, so that’s ok too.


Of course, my daughter’s birthday is this weekend, so I will have a “last hurrah” of sorts, and I think I’ll start on Sunday. In the process I will also document the stages of the plan and my meal plans.


Trip plan! I now have airline tickets that I have saved judiciously for, and a car rental for my trip. And I plan to travel with no checked luggage.


No, you didn’t hallucinate for a minute. I will be traveling with two kids and NO checked luggage. Because I will not have the patience or the manpower to wait after a flight for luggage at a belt and/or risk not having my stuff make it to my destination.


My initial plan is to have the following:

  • The baby in a front pack carrier
  • A VERY large 4 compartment backpack for all of our clothes
  • A diaper bag for kids amenities (blankets, loveys, pullups, extra diapers, flight vest, kid leash, amusements)
  • A messenger bag that will be purse/mini diaper bag that will fit in the top of the diaper bag
  • An umbrella stroller
  • A carseat bag that will hold the lightest of all the convertible carseats and the infant bucket seat, which will be pulled using a fold-able luggage cart



I’m still conflicted on whether or not to check the carseat bag, as my airline was rated best in the biz for luggage handling last year. But I don’t want to be that 1 in 1000 that has the problem, especially since it is carseats. I don’t want to push my luck! I’m 99% sure that I will gate check.


And I have a connection to make both ways. Should be fun.


I will definitely detail my packing list here as I have in the past and make edits based on what I learned the first two times I traveled alone with a child. The good news is that because nursing is going so well, and because he won’t be 6 months old yet, I won’t have to worry about packing food for the baby.


Just a quick update: May 28, 2011

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1. I’ve been back to work for two weeks now, and it has been interesting. I’m learning new stuff and getting up to speed. I miss my babies, but what mom doesn’t when she returns to work?

2. My daughter wound up with an allergy attack that morphed into an ear infection (the usual MO for drainage that happens before we can catch it) my second day back. We will be having allergy testing for her 3 year check up, so that we can pay more attention to what she’s actually allergic to, and not have to keep giving her Claritin or Zyrtec just in case.

3. I suspect that my son is allergic to the oatmeal I’d been eating to up my supply as he’d been snuffly with watery eyes for about a week, but it has been tapering off since I stopped eating it. I suspect allergies, as he had no fever at all, but he may have had his first cold for all we know. We will be doing blood test allergy testing for him at his 4 month checkup. We won’t be starting him on solids until he’s 6 months old, so it will be good to be prepared.

4. I had a radical shift in thinking for my future plans literally 3 days before the end of my leave. Suffice to say the full steam ahead superconductor train that I was planning on jumping on has become an Amtrak. I’m slowing down and doing what is best for my family. Granted I could get there quicker my original way, but at what price? I’m happy and at peace with my decision, and I will be ok if my plans need more time to mature. What am I talking about??? Everyone needs a 5 year, a 10 year and a 15 year plan. I’d like to just lay them out in 5 year chunks, and all of the blather in this bullet is just the first 5 years. I’m a year in so far, and despite the shift in thinking, I’m doing great for all of the milestones.

5. Quick Cocktail Recipe:

1 Italian Ice (I like pomegranate)

1 splenda

1 tablespoon lime juice

1 shot vodka

1/2 cup cold water

Mix until italian ice is melted and enjoy!

6. I’m gearing up for my solo trip with both babies. Once I have tickets and a car rental, I will lay out my plan here just like I did last time!

7. My goal weight for May was 200lbs, but my “I’m ok with it for now weight” was 205. This morning I weighed myself and the scale read 209. So, I’ve lost 39 pounds in 13.5 weeks. Its definitely slowing, and I definitely need to exercise, but the numbers keep going down, so I’m ok with that.

New Goals:

May 2011 (current): 209

Mid August 2011: 195

End December 2011: 175

End May 2012: 155


What am I doing differently this time around? April 22, 2011

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This post was inspired by this post over at attachmentparenting.org about Resolutions for Baby #2. This is also somewhat in the vein of my previous posts about how we’re doing on broad topics.

I must preface this with the statement that I am NOT THAT CRUNCHY. I weigh things and prioritize, and do what feels and works best.

1. I am holding the baby more. My daughter, from her first night on this earth, preferred to be left alone to settle herself rather than be picked up and consoled. As she gets older, she still picks and chooses when she wants our comfort. So, I did not get to hold her as much as many 1st time moms hold their babies.

Also, this is my last baby. This pregnancy was hard on me physically, and I’ve always had a stance about a dependent-child free retirement. Since we’ll get there in 25 years (going by my husband’s age and the minimum retirement age in the U.S.) I think we have a comfortable buffer zone. If we waited a decent amount of time to have another, not only for my health and for good spacing, we’d not only be falling into age related issues in conceiving, we’d also run into the retirement zone.

So, as sad as I am about not having more (because when I was younger, I wanted LOTS), I’m content with two. But I am clinging ferociously to every moment of our time together. I’m making sure to imprint in my mind every new thing he does. I am appreciating my maternity leave not only because of getting to spend time with my son, but because I get to spend a ton of time with my daughter. I wouldn’t miss any of it.

But I am holding the baby more. Because they’re only this little for so long. And then they grow up before you know it.

2. Exclusively breastfeeding. There were many reasons why I exclusively pumped for my daughter, and I worried about not being able to breastfeed again this time around. I still have had to pump for bottles here and there, but over 8 weeks in and I don’t see us stopping until its time to wean. I even have a bit of milk saved up in the freezer, but nowhere near as much as I had with my daughter.

For my daughter I pumped for two years, and started Baby-Led Weaning at about 5.5 months so that I could be adherent to the WHO’s recommendation of exclusively breastfeeding until 6 months, and then having my milk be a significant portion of her nutrition until a year and a good contributor through her second year.

For my son, I plan to do the same. IF he weans in his second year through no intervention on my part, I’d be sad, but we’ll see.

Ok, so I don’t have seven, but for her list, I was able to stick to most of those the first time around.

Ok, stats.

Baby boy:

Birth: 7lbs, 15oz. 20″

Two months: 11lbs 14oz. 22″


Delivery: 248lbs

Today: 215lbs

The weight loss is slowing down, but its steady. I need to step it up if I want clothes to wear when I return to work next month though. 🙂


Some parenting and life tricks don’t work for us… March 27, 2011

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My daughter is fastidious to a fault. She does NOT like to get messy/dirty/yucky. And she is a picky eater. I’ve posted before, but here is her list of foods:


Breakfast sausage, smoked sausage, chicken nuggets (except McD’s. She HATES them), hot dogs, kolaches, hamburger patties (on occasion), peanut butter (thin schmear on bread), scrambled eggs (sometimes)


Bagel thins (w/butter), Toast (w/butter), Bread from bread baskets at restaurants, Multigrain Cheerios, (Beef Fried) Rice only from our favorite sushi place, pizza crusts with no sauce or cheese on them


Apples, pears, bananas (sometimes), berries, grapes, carrots (raw), broccoli (steamed), french fries, hash browns (on occasion)


Goat milk, about 2oz tops at a time. She’s allergic to cow milk, and refuses all other dairy items.


Raisins, chocolate covered raisins, M&Ms (plain or dark chocolate), goldfish, crackers, storebought chocolate covered mini donuts, potato chips (plain only), tortilla chips (plain only), milanos (occasionally), chocolate chip & oatmeal raisin cookies (also occasionally).

This may seem like a lot, but for non-picky people who eat everywhere and almost everything, it’s a logistical and nutritional nightmare. She will refuse sauce, dips and anything messy. We do offer her our food all the time, and 99% of the time, she will refuse to try anything new, but that’s how we made the peanut butter discovery. She will not have jelly (too messy), and she doesn’t like to hold the sandwich herself sometimes, but it was a new food and we were excited. Forget about the “kids” menu at every restaurant though.

We did Baby-Led Weaning, and she loved steak at 7 months, and we had ribs for her 1st birthday. My husband is a great cook, so she tried everything and most things we put in front of her. And then somewhere, around 18 months, a switch flipped and she decided that she liked nothing else but what I listed above. So, she has had dinners of cereal and broccoli, and breakfasts of mini donuts and goat milk. We make sure the foods that she does eat have as much good nutritional content as we can find and that’s the best we can do.

The trick that won’t work for us? Hiding things in breading or in sauces. Also, offering things 15 times seems to not work. Maybe with my stubborn kid, it will take 45 or 150 times. My hope is that that switch that flipped will do so again, and she’ll rediscover that she likes food. She is still young, and can’t possibly eat this way forever. And for those who say “She needs to suck it up and eat, or you need to put your foot down and make her eat new things”? I invite you to try that for yourself.

I surmise that my daughter would have been picky no matter if we’d started on purees or BLW, so I don’t blame BLW, and will try it again. I look forward to when my son can “show up” his big sister by being a more adventurous eater.

The other trick? Couponing. I live in extreme jealousy of those who can slash a $100 food bill down to $4 just by using coupons against the grocery store. But, it only works if you actually use and ENJOY the products purchased for pennies on the dollar, and buy the food from a store that accepts not only the coupons diligently clipped from the papers, but those downloaded from the internet. We shop at Costco for diapers and food items that we eat a lot of, and we do save over grocery store products.

Though I said that we’re non-picky, we’re also varied in food tastes. When I by chance look at the coupons in the Sunday paper, out of 100 there, I see maybe three products that we actually use. And our local grocery stores, where we make mini food runs, or buy things either too ridiculous to get at Costco, or can’t be found there, do NOT accept internet coupons. And Costco doesn’t accept any manufacturer’s coupons. So, couponing is out. Which means, we need to be better at meal planning and budgeting when shopping. We’re getting there.

And just because I’m blogging, I thought I’d throw in a weight check. As of yesterday, I was down to 217. 31 pounds in 33 days. Pretty good.