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Are we Baby-Led Weaning? September 12, 2011

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Short answer? Yes and no.

Long answer?

It turns out that Jacob absolutely loves spoons. Playing with them, banging them on things, and of course putting them in his mouth in an attempt to copy the rest of us. He also enjoys feeding himself. Since I don’t fancy cleaning up that much of a mess (I know BLW is supposed to be messy and fun), he is getting some purees and some handheld food.

First thing first, he was totally ready at 5 months. *I* wasn’t ready. So we waited an additional two weeks. His first food was steamed carrot, which was served both in baby carrot form, and smooshed up on a spoon. He liked it both ways.

He has had since then, in no particular order:

Whole foods:

asian style (spicy & gingery) chicken rice soup, broccoli, toast, multigrain cheerios, banana, oatmeal, blueberry, breakfast sausage (fed to him by his 3 year old sister, fished out before he could actually eat it), beet, peach, mango, apple, pear, papaya, kiwi strawberry juice (oops – I also found out that he knew how to work a straw too!), mashed potatoes – homemade with milk and butter, pork chop, grilled chicken, cantaloupe, spaghetti noodles from a stir fry, squash, peach, plum, green beans, rice noodles and homemade gnocchi (with chia).

Organic Purees:

Apple, butternut squash & carrot; banana, beet & blueberry; spinach, mango & pear ; Banana, mango & peach with salba.

We still have no food allergies. I still don’t have the patience to do the “wait 3-4 days” thing. I don’t love spoon feeding, but Jacob does. And if I can get one good eater, then I’ll be happy to give him food however he’ll take it. We’re still on one big solids meal a day – usually dinner, with a smallish snack earlier in the day. The rest of the time, it is all mama milk all the time.

We’re on the horizon of a (yet another) new way of eating. But the good news is that it is the whole family on board with the new eating, and I’ll have another post about that coming up including some meals that we’ve already tried and loved.


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