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Two Weeks of Dukan and Kid Checkups June 29, 2011

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It’s official. I am a Dukan Diet Convert. This week’s weigh in? 205.8


I am now at pre-(this past)-pregnancy weight.  Well, at least according to the doctor’s office. They recorded my pre-pregnancy weight as 206. Next stop, waving a (not at all) fond farewell to the 200’s. Then, working on pre-(my daughter’s)-pregnancy weight. That was 168.


Next topic: My kids doctors’ visits. My daughter at 3 years weighs 31 pounds. My son at 4 months weighs 16. Let it sink in…Yes, 16 pounds. I’m almost scared of how much he’ll weigh at 6 months, but suffice to say that as soon as he’s mobile, he’ll be able to sit on his sister. I love it! Not only because I know he’s healthy, but because we have been exclusively breastfeeding from the start. No formula. No solids. Nothing but my milk. That isn’t me bragging, mind you. Just proud of how well we’re doing.


And can I say how much I love our Family Doctor? When my daughter went for her 4 month visit, her pediatrician handed me a pile of feeding information. I told him that we weren’t planning on feeding her until she was 6 months old. He said “We have to give this out, because people are going to do it anyway and we need to be sure they have the info.” That was really strike one for that doc’s office, but I figured it was inconsequential at the time. In hindsight, it should have sent me away faster than when we actually left that office. Anyhoo, this doc not only didn’t even ask me what formula he was on (something the other doc’s office could never get right no matter how many times I told them “NO, my child is not on formula, thank you”), she didn’t tell me I could start feeding him solids. Not a peep. She did counsel us on our dairy-disliking 3 year old, so it isn’t as if she didn’t have an interest. It was that she saw him and didn’t even think to ask because she knew we knew what the ready signs were and that he didn’t have them yet.


Where is he right now? Well, he can sit in a Bumbo, and can sit in the high chair pretty well. He rolls like a champ, and scoots around by pushing himself forward with his legs. But he can’t sit on his own, and he still has his tongue thrust. Which means everything that I could coax in (because he hasn’t shown much interest in our food) would come right back out. My daughter was ready around 5.5 months, and had sweet potatoes as a first food. It was hilarious and fun. I expect the same for my son, except he might get carrots or bananas. I’m still deciding on what. What? No rice cereal or cereal in general? Nope. I think the stuff is gross, so if I’m not going to eat it, I’m not going to make my kids eat it. Plus I’ve pretty much come around to the idea that we’ll be baby-led weaning again. No jarred stuff, no slaving over a stove and the freezer making my own. Just fresh fruits and veggies prepared so that he can pick it up and play with it or eat it. I’m pretty excited.


Still working on my packing list for the August trip. Definitely sure that I will not do anything but gate-check the carseats. So, will need to figure out how to get everything through, including the umbrella stroller.


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