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A new diet idea and a trip plan June 8, 2011

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So, today I discovered a “new” diet called the Dukan Diet. Its very Atkins-esque, but seems to have a very good idea of teaching someone how to maintain the weight they’ve lost. It also isn’t strict in some respects like Atkins is in that low-fat liquid dairy isn’t out, and neither are diet soft drinks – both of which were kinda killer for me when I tried Atkins years ago. It also promotes natural, whole, real food as opposed to over-processed food. And there is no counting of anything – fat grams, net carbs, calories. Seems pretty straight forward too. Granted, I am NOT a “diet” person. I don’t do well on “diets”. But this seems like a real “eating plan” and since my weight has now stalled out at 209, which is 4 pounds over where I was pre (this) pregnancy, but nowhere near my goal, I need a kick start.


This diet originated in France, and some of the recipes and food suggestions are pretty funky (what is Quark???). But according to the US adaptation if I start today, I should hit my goal weight by December (!) but I will be considered still in “maintenance” through August of next year. I’m ok with all of the foods recommended that I can recognize – which is about 90% of them, so that’s ok too.


Of course, my daughter’s birthday is this weekend, so I will have a “last hurrah” of sorts, and I think I’ll start on Sunday. In the process I will also document the stages of the plan and my meal plans.


Trip plan! I now have airline tickets that I have saved judiciously for, and a car rental for my trip. And I plan to travel with no checked luggage.


No, you didn’t hallucinate for a minute. I will be traveling with two kids and NO checked luggage. Because I will not have the patience or the manpower to wait after a flight for luggage at a belt and/or risk not having my stuff make it to my destination.


My initial plan is to have the following:

  • The baby in a front pack carrier
  • A VERY large 4 compartment backpack for all of our clothes
  • A diaper bag for kids amenities (blankets, loveys, pullups, extra diapers, flight vest, kid leash, amusements)
  • A messenger bag that will be purse/mini diaper bag that will fit in the top of the diaper bag
  • An umbrella stroller
  • A carseat bag that will hold the lightest of all the convertible carseats and the infant bucket seat, which will be pulled using a fold-able luggage cart



I’m still conflicted on whether or not to check the carseat bag, as my airline was rated best in the biz for luggage handling last year. But I don’t want to be that 1 in 1000 that has the problem, especially since it is carseats. I don’t want to push my luck! I’m 99% sure that I will gate check.


And I have a connection to make both ways. Should be fun.


I will definitely detail my packing list here as I have in the past and make edits based on what I learned the first two times I traveled alone with a child. The good news is that because nursing is going so well, and because he won’t be 6 months old yet, I won’t have to worry about packing food for the baby.


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