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To BLW or not to BLW April 16, 2011

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That is the question.

Granted, my almost 2 month old is at least 4 months away from entering into the realm of solids, but the idea of transitioning to them is now not just a theory.

With my daughter, we BLW (baby-led weaned). I’m fond of telling people that she was fond of steak at 7 months old (with 4 teeth), and that my husband made ribs for her first birthday which she ate and enjoyed.

I’m also sad to say that somewhere around 18 months she just stopped enjoying a variety of food. Much to my dismay and chagrin, she began refusing her previous favorites, in favor of the limited list I’ve posted before.

She’s begun asking to taste food, only to refuse it when it is offered to her, but I’m going to count that as a step in the right direction. She will also cautiously sniff food that she won’t try. Also another tiny step.

I’ve theorized that she would likely be this way whether we weaned to purees or whether we baby-led weaned. Luckily she doesn’t seem to have anything but a milk protein allergy – which we will test out again after she’s 3 – so we had that option.

Enter the new kid. My son doesn’t seem to have any issues with the foods that I eat, which is a plus and an encouraging sign toward having the option again to decide whether to wean to purees or to BLW.

Please do not get me started on the ridiculousness of rice cereal. That stuff is like paste, and if I won’t eat something, I’m not going to force it on my kids – mixed into expressed breast milk or straight up.

Also, for those doing the math, I did say that I am waiting until he is 6 months old to see if he’s ready for solids. Of course, my daughter had her first taste of sweet potato at Thanksgiving when she was 5.5 months old. but she was definitely ready – she could sit up unassisted, tongue thrust was long gone, and she was definitely interested in what was on our plates always! Same goes for my son. He’ll likely be a few days shy of 6 months as well.

But back to the question. To BLW or not to BLW? One could argue that nature won out over nurture with my daughter, and that the outcome will not be the same for my son.

I LIKED BLW. I’ve described it as a gloriously lazy and easy way to transition to solids. Whatever we have – toss some easy to grab and handle bits to the baby and let her have at it! Also, we did not wait a few days in between single introductions of food – she got to experience meals as we did. It was truly awesome. I dislike the idea of spoon feeding and spending time away from my own food to spoon feed. But, I don’t dislike the idea of making purees, and in fact I think making my own would be kinda cool, so I guess that is what this post boils down to.

I’m leaning towards BLW, but I think I’ll open up the variety of foods even more than I did with my daughter. Sure she had steak, but she never had avocado. She had ribs, but didn’t see squash. She had apples, carrots, broccoli and grapes, but never an orange or a grapefruit. So, in a few months I’ll be chronicling our solid food adventures in addition to all the rest. I may change my mind again, but we’ll just have to see what time will bring.


2 Responses to “To BLW or not to BLW”

  1. Robyn - Tee Says:

    I did a combination of BLW and purees with Adam. It just suited our lifestyle to have some puree type thing for lunch (yes, usually out of a jar) and then he’d eat what we ate for dinner. But that’s because I used to eat horrible things for lunch like 2 pickles and a slice of cheese! I’ve gotten better since he’s gotten older and needs to eat something ‘real’!

    And Adam and I *both* like rice cereal! I still give it to him when his tummy has been upset. :O)

    • hardierlime Says:

      Funny, I love rice itself, but when it comes to cereal, I’m ok with oatmeal, like cream of wheat less and rice is at the bottom. More for you and Adam then. 🙂

      (ps thanks for commenting here!)

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