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Some parenting and life tricks don’t work for us… March 27, 2011

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My daughter is fastidious to a fault. She does NOT like to get messy/dirty/yucky. And she is a picky eater. I’ve posted before, but here is her list of foods:


Breakfast sausage, smoked sausage, chicken nuggets (except McD’s. She HATES them), hot dogs, kolaches, hamburger patties (on occasion), peanut butter (thin schmear on bread), scrambled eggs (sometimes)


Bagel thins (w/butter), Toast (w/butter), Bread from bread baskets at restaurants, Multigrain Cheerios, (Beef Fried) Rice only from our favorite sushi place, pizza crusts with no sauce or cheese on them


Apples, pears, bananas (sometimes), berries, grapes, carrots (raw), broccoli (steamed), french fries, hash browns (on occasion)


Goat milk, about 2oz tops at a time. She’s allergic to cow milk, and refuses all other dairy items.


Raisins, chocolate covered raisins, M&Ms (plain or dark chocolate), goldfish, crackers, storebought chocolate covered mini donuts, potato chips (plain only), tortilla chips (plain only), milanos (occasionally), chocolate chip & oatmeal raisin cookies (also occasionally).

This may seem like a lot, but for non-picky people who eat everywhere and almost everything, it’s a logistical and nutritional nightmare. She will refuse sauce, dips and anything messy. We do offer her our food all the time, and 99% of the time, she will refuse to try anything new, but that’s how we made the peanut butter discovery. She will not have jelly (too messy), and she doesn’t like to hold the sandwich herself sometimes, but it was a new food and we were excited. Forget about the “kids” menu at every restaurant though.

We did Baby-Led Weaning, and she loved steak at 7 months, and we had ribs for her 1st birthday. My husband is a great cook, so she tried everything and most things we put in front of her. And then somewhere, around 18 months, a switch flipped and she decided that she liked nothing else but what I listed above. So, she has had dinners of cereal and broccoli, and breakfasts of mini donuts and goat milk. We make sure the foods that she does eat have as much good nutritional content as we can find and that’s the best we can do.

The trick that won’t work for us? Hiding things in breading or in sauces. Also, offering things 15 times seems to not work. Maybe with my stubborn kid, it will take 45 or 150 times. My hope is that that switch that flipped will do so again, and she’ll rediscover that she likes food. She is still young, and can’t possibly eat this way forever. And for those who say “She needs to suck it up and eat, or you need to put your foot down and make her eat new things”? I invite you to try that for yourself.

I surmise that my daughter would have been picky no matter if we’d started on purees or BLW, so I don’t blame BLW, and will try it again. I look forward to when my son can “show up” his big sister by being a more adventurous eater.

The other trick? Couponing. I live in extreme jealousy of those who can slash a $100 food bill down to $4 just by using coupons against the grocery store. But, it only works if you actually use and ENJOY the products purchased for pennies on the dollar, and buy the food from a store that accepts not only the coupons diligently clipped from the papers, but those downloaded from the internet. We shop at Costco for diapers and food items that we eat a lot of, and we do save over grocery store products.

Though I said that we’re non-picky, we’re also varied in food tastes. When I by chance look at the coupons in the Sunday paper, out of 100 there, I see maybe three products that we actually use. And our local grocery stores, where we make mini food runs, or buy things either too ridiculous to get at Costco, or can’t be found there, do NOT accept internet coupons. And Costco doesn’t accept any manufacturer’s coupons. So, couponing is out. Which means, we need to be better at meal planning and budgeting when shopping. We’re getting there.

And just because I’m blogging, I thought I’d throw in a weight check. As of yesterday, I was down to 217. 31 pounds in 33 days. Pretty good.


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