Life Lessons and Lactation Cookies for New Moms

One month (and two days) later March 24, 2011

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I’m currently 220. Which for those keeping score is 28lbs down from the day I went in to deliver, and 20lbs away from my first goal, which I’m fairly certain I’ll meet, especially since I’m not really exercising, and I plan to get serious about that soon. I credit attempting to log my food regularly and:


It’s going pretty well. If you know me, you know that I didn’t get to do this last time around, so while I’m not new to making milk, I am new to all the nursing idiosyncrases. A week and a half in, dealing with the 7-10 day growth spurt, having nursed for hours nonstop, I could barely see straight, and having fended off what wanted to be mastitis for the first time (it has tried to come back a few times already), I was ready to say this one will be EP also! But I kept going. And you know what? The learning curve is CRAZY steep, but everyone who says that this gets easier as time goes on is right.

My Daughter:

Got through her surgery just fine, but of course her dad and I were nervous wrecks before and during, and just so sad for her after, because all she wanted to do was cry and be held. She was mostly back to her normal self by the next day, and definitely back the day after that. A week later, the red is mostly gone from her eyes, and the bruising is almost gone too. The eye that turned in now turns out just slightly, and the doc said that it was normal, and will start to correct itself in time. She’s also going to get new glasses after her 6 week post-op. Likely with single vision lenses, which will also correct her astigmatism. Its like someone took my eyes and copied and pasted them into her head. We have the same prescription farsightedness, and I have an astigmatism as well.

The Baby:

Is doing great. He’s definitely got a different personality than my daughter had at this age, though they do look a lot alike and both of them were/are like Houdini when it comes to getting out of a swaddle. He goes back for his two month visit mid-April. We will be refusing/staggering/delaying vaccinations again. My daughter is caught up. He will be too, eventually. He’s finally starting to grow out of newborn clothes, and we’ll be into 0-3 shortly. I read about other babies in the same birth month as him and they are reaching 95-99th percentile weights and already zooming into 3-6mo clothing and it has me wondering 1)Is he behind? and 2) How are these moms getting their babies weighed every 2 weeks? But then I have to remember that my daughter was always in the 50-75th percentiles and though he’s a boy, and I shouldn’t be comparing them, I won’t be surprised if he is too.


What? Why am I even thinking about travel? I know its early, but I am starting to get my druthers about putting together the trip I will be making solo with a 3yr old and a 6mo old. More on that next time.


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