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100 Reasons to avoid Formula like the plague February 4, 2011

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From “Job Description: Mommy”


My favorite reasons:

  1. Formula for one year costs in excess of $1200.
  2. Formula feeding costs the government and it’s taxpayers over $500,000,000 per year in formula given to WIC  recipients.
  3. Formula is often recalled for things like bug parts, to jet fuel.  Not kidding.  Breastmilk has never been recalled.
  4. Formula can become contaminated with bacteria.  Fresh breastmilk cannot.
  5. Formula feeding moms have to pack a bunch of extra stuff in the diaper bag when heading out and about.  Nursing moms, pack less.

There can be nothing to convince me that formula feeding is ever superior to feeding a baby as nature intended. Unless of course, it is medically contraindicated – chemotherapy in the mom, or other medications that are necessary for her survival but harmfully passed into breastmilk, or deadly disease which cannot be prevented from passing through.

But, ANY amount of mother’s milk is better than none, and every mom who has fed her baby even once with her own milk should feel proud that she tried. One whole day is better than one feed. One week is better than a day. One month is better than a week. Every bit helps and counts!


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