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Post-Travel Wrap-up June 16, 2010

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Bag #1: Kelty TC 1.1 This was an absolute life saver. I can NOT emphasize how much use we got out of this!

  • Mr. Monkey:  We didn’t pack the pocket toy for this, and we actually didn’t get as much use out of it as we thought we would, but for when we did use it, it was invaluable.
  • Baby B’air: We used this, and had no issue with it. The best thing? Both flights, I was able to score an empty seat next to me.
  • Diaper Wallet: This was very helpful, but changing a toddler on a plane? No fun. Especially if said toddler does not like the the small confines of an airplane bathroom, and the loudness.
  • My purse. No issues here.
  • Emergency outfit for my daughter. – Totally didn’t need it, but always better to have one than to not.
  • A sweater for me. – Didn’t need it readily available, but again, always better to be prepared.
  • Hardierlime Toddler Entertainment Package. This will be placed in a smaller tote for ease of pulling out of the kid carrier and keeping everything together.
    • Creative Zen:  This provided about 30 minutes of entertainment. Again, the loudness on the inside of the plane counteracted the volume of the programming. And since I was using toddler headphones, the volume just couldn’t get that high.
    • Dover Sticker books: This WAS minutes of fun. Until she started dropping the quickly non-sticky stickers between the seats.
    • Lacing cards: I did not even break these out.
    • Crayola Color Wonder Markers: I did not break these out.
    • Snacks: carrot sticks, raisins, goldfish, juice box, dum-dums, chips – The m&ms were a hit. And she ate around everything else to get to them.

Bag #2: Sunshine Kids Travel Bag: Note to EVERYONE! Do not pack things in the bag before you get to security. As much of a pain as it would be to lug multiple pieces, its even MORE unfun to lug the giant bag and have it unpacked and then have to RE-pack it because security doesn’t believe that its a carseat with another bag or two thrown in.

  • Carseat. We have an Alpha Omega and a Cosco Scenara. We actually took the Cosco Scenara, since it was lighter and less bulky.
  • Backpack. A Jansport Trans. Everything packed in it was used, and useful.
  • Eco Friendly Tote bag. – I didn’t bother packing this, but did shove the things that were going to be in it into the larger carseat bag.

Except for the debacle with security both going and coming with the carseat bag, and the carseat bag feeling like it weighed close to 15 tons, the packing job was a successful one. I’m looking forward to traveling next without the pump and with even fewer things and getting more and more streamlined.

Things that we didn’t know we needed/didn’t plan for:

  1. Walgreens – My girl got sick the second day we were on vacation. Lots of runny nose, so I assumed it was allergies. We went ahead and refilled her prescription so that we could get started on it, and help her sleep. Thankfully wherever you are that there is a Walgreens, you can have a prescription refilled.
  2. More meds/Tylenol Recall – When the allergy medication didn’t help much, we purchased some cold medication but the recall came out the week we were there, so we had to work hard to find ANY cold medication.
  3. The day before we left, she started running a fever, and I contemplated taking her to a doctor just to figure out what was going on. But, we were not prepared with a list of doctors in the area that took our insurance.

Now to make sure that no one thinks I’m a terrible mom for not thinking about these things, please know this: My kid almost never gets sick. In her two years of life, prior to this trip she’d only had a handful of colds and had only needed antibiotics once. So, of course I wouldn’t think that she would get sick while we were away. In case anyone is wondering, we took her to the doctor the day we returned, and found out that it was an ear infection. Her very first ever. Which presented as a runny nose with no fever until 5 days later. So, logically one wouldn’t presume ear infection. Regardless, I know now to have a list of doctors wherever we will be just in case.

All in all it was a decent trip. If any of you have any questions, feel free to comment, and I will be happy to answer!


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