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Whoops… March 18, 2010

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It has been a long time since I posted, and there have been many good reasons for that, but lots of days where the last thing on my mind is blogging. I’m a defunct Livejournal user, avid Facebook user and a sometime Twitter feed reader. I need to get better about blogging.

So, let’s get a list going as a quick catch-up.

1. My micro-business, Hardier Lime Creations is a year old now. I’m still as excited about it as I was a year ago, but I think I need to beef up hardierlime.com. Working on that this afternoon not only with this post. You should be able to see all my previous blog posts from previous blog incarnations below the hardierlime.com welcome.

2. After trying hemp milk, we reverted back to EBM (expressed breast milk) for a time. We attempted to transition to organic omega-3/dha enriched whole milk, and while baby girl was just fine with it going down, her body obviously was not ok with it. It took a while to figure it out and of course I feel like a big doof, and a bad mom for not realizing sooner that she had a milk allergy. She had a terrible diaper rash that nothing would touch. On the nights that she was receiving cow milk instead of my milk, she would wake in the middle of the night screaming when she has always slept through the night. The final straw was the hives/rash/eczema that started picking up on her legs and arms. As soon as I realized it, I declared a moratorium on cow’s milk until she is 2.5-3.

Within a week of no cow milk – success. All of the symptoms were gone. I tried hemp milk again, and Em would not have any of it. And I don’t blame her. As good as it is for her, the taste is definitely an acquired one that she had no interest in acquiring. Now what? What can she have that has adequate calcium when she can’t drink milk, won’t eat yogurt or cheese (unless preceded by mac ‘n’) or leafy greens? After a lot of research and decision making, in addition to whatever milk I pump in the mornings (3-4oz) she now gets at least 4-6oz of Minute Maid Kids Plus Orange Juice daily along with a nighttime bottle filled with 5oz of Organic Vanilla Oat Milk.

3. Yes, I’m still pumping. My goal is to make it to 2 years or whenever I run out, whichever comes first. And as long as I can pump at least an ounce, then I will not consider myself to have run out. There are some mornings where clearing 3oz is a victory, but after 21 months of exclusive pumping, it is rather old. I am still adamant that my girl gets my milk, because it is both the best and the least I can do for her.

4. I mentioned some of Em’s eating quirks above. That is, no dairy in this kid’s diet. So the aftermath of our Baby-led Weaning experience is thus. My girl definitely is very opinionated about her food intake. No matter how/what we offer, she generally tends to eat her meals by food groups. We’re working on getting her to balance meals, but as long as she’s balanced for the day, its not that big a deal.

  • Protein:
She is down with any sort of fast food/frozen chicken nugget/fry except for the McDonald’s version. Meatballs, hot dogs, burger & sausage patties and smoked sausage are almost always a hit, so long as they’re not too hot and the pieces are not too big or burned/overcooked. Grilled chicken, grilled steak and scrambled eggs…it depends on the day.
  • Fruits/Veg:
She loves blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, grapes, carrots, apples and sometimes watermelon. But, these are in jags, so its like Project Runway – one day something is in, and the next day it is out. Raisins/craisins are almost always in. Steamed broccoli is a staple in our house, and she loves it – but it has to look right (think perfect little broccoli trees).
  • Carb:
Fries are welcome, but not overeaten. However, that is the only cooked potato product she will eat. Mashed, au gratin, baked, she will NOT eat. Rice, it depends on the day. Pasta is almost always a no-go save for that followed by ‘n’ cheese. She enjoys cinnamon toast, but eschews most other bread products (including regular toast, sliced bread, pancakes, waffles) except for garlic bread. Crackers, chips (corn, tortilla or potato) and goldfish are a good “busy” snack. Mac ‘n’ cheese and non-flaky breakfast cereal are good utensil practice foods, and she does love to practice.
  • Other:
My girl is a no sauce kind of girl. She doesn’t like the feel of it on her hands, and she’s still getting the hang of utensils. This goes for sticky sauces too, so honey and syrup are a no-go. She likes donuts but in small bursts. Same goes for cookies. She really enjoys soft serve ice cream, and we let her have a little bit if we’re indulging. She likes water and will request it when she wants it or agree to it when its offered. She likes juice, but we usually water it down due to sugar content. She is starting to enjoy iced tea but does not like hot coffee. She likes all soda, and its usually an end of meal treat when the grownups are still finishing, but she’s already done.

My mother “worried” (read: lectured me) about the fat content of my kiddo’s diet and I retorted – she needs the fat! She’s not getting it from places that most kids do – milk/dairy. And she wouldn’t eat an avocado if her life depended on it. And so while I’d done some research, I stepped it up a bit and found from most sources that my average sized, slim toddler needs about 1300 calories a day. If we were to keep a food log of everything she eats, most days her calorie intake is around 900-1000. And she is a BUSY girl. I think for the most part, we will continue to offer, but we don’t fight (much) over what she should eat. By we, I mean my daughter and me. When I know its something that she does like and she won’t eat it, I will press my offer and give her a very hard sell. She’s usually reminded that she does like the food in question and will eat without question. But other times when I know she’s eaten ok for the day (or better than ok the previous day) or its clear that I’m serving the wrong food group, she just eats until she’s done. Whether that means she’s had 20 grapes and 2 carrot sticks for dinner when the original plan was 1/2 a chicken breast, or has left half of her Easy Mac in her bowl doesn’t matter much to me. It can be stored for another meal and she’s growing and she’s healthy, and that’s all that matters to me.

5. Work has become very stressful for almost everyone at my company, and while I remain at least dimly optimistic, I’m not sure if/when things will get better.

That’s it for now. I will be posting a review/update regarding traveling with a toddler next. We traveled to Orlando for a friend’s wedding in October, and I will be traveling solo again next month.


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  1. Hollis Kubas Says:

    Try and try, that is the key to success, giving up shouldn’t be included on our dictionary (i think).

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