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Slow Cooker Filipino Style Chicken Adobo March 14, 2010

Filed under: recipe — hardierlime @ 12:27 pm

I tend to swag a lot of my recipes cooking or baking, so feel free to adjust to your tastes.

I started out with this recipe here.

But changed it to the following:

1 value package of chicken thighs (about 10 thighs – bone-in chicken is a must!)
5-6oz low sodium teriyaki sauce
5-6oz low sodium soy sauce
6-7oz rice wine vinegar
5-6oz apple cider vinegar
2 medium spanish onions, sliced
~2 tablespoons garlic
~2 tablespoons ginger
About 10-12 turns of black pepper freshly ground (possibly 2 teaspoons?)
Enough water to cover all of it

1. Turn slow cooker to high and let simmer for 3 hrs
2. Pull thighs out and de-skin and de-bone
3. Return all meat to slow cooker
4. Let simmer on high for 2 more hours
5. Turn down to low, and cook some rice

Serve about a ladle and a half of soupy mixture from crockpot over about 3/4 c of cooked rice and enjoy!

Now, this is VERY tangy/vinegary, so if that isn’t your taste, you may want to dial down the vinegar and dial up the water. Also look to the comments on the original recipe if you’d like other ideas. This is a great dish to play with.


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