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We’re done… November 4, 2009

Filed under: active parenting,baby — hardierlime @ 9:47 pm

…with Em’s pediatrician’s office.

The doctors and the nurses even seem ok, but I can’t get past the mismanagement of scheduling. If I have an 8am appointment, the office staff shouldn’t be opening the doors at 8:15, the docs shouldn’t be in at 8:25 and we shouldn’t be seen at 8:45. I can understand running behind later in the day, especially with sick appointments, but that is ridiculous.

Yesterday we had a sick appointment. 2:40 pm. What time did we get to the small room? 3:40. What time were we seen by a doc? 4:30. Never mind that there is NOTHING in the waiting room to do for the kids besides watch TVs that are bolted to the ceilings or rearrange the furniture (modular seating – gotta love it), but the quarters are so close and the kids so rowdy – even with their parents RIGHT THERE! – that I couldn’t let her off my lap for fear of her getting run over by another kid, a piece of furniture or catching some other sickness that she didn’t need. It was at least the 5th circle of hell.

I’ve already talked to my GP. I should have gone with my first instinct to have her be a patient there. But, we wanted a ped that was conveniently located and while this one was, and again the docs and nurses were ok, I can’t endure another visit like the sick visit, and I can’t tolerate the mismanagement of time for the well visits.


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